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Veterans Day and the Importance of 11/11 at 11:00 am!

I've got a some military love in my world!

•A brother who spent 4 years Navy

•A sister who spent 4 years Navy & the Reserves 2 years

•A brother in law 30 years Air Force (Retired)

Why is November 11 such a significant date for Veterans?

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, World War I was officially declared over. Soldiers laid down their weapons. The world rejoiced!

In remembrance, on November 11, 1921, an unknown world War I American soldier was buried in Arlington Cemetery on a peaceful hillside overlooking the chilly Potomac River. The site became a place of solemn remembrance for Veterans around the country.

A few years prior, Westminster Abbey and the Arc de Triomphe became final resting places of unknown soldiers from World War I who were honored for their sacrifice. The date? November 11.

Each November 11, our country honors Veterans with events held around the country.

Locally, The Sedona Heritage Museum and City of Sedona present an annual Veteran’s Day Tribute every November 11, at 12 noon.

Enjoy the flag ceremony, dignitaries, a veteran’s tribute, and music. Free food and entertainment. Everyone is invited! Learn more here.

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