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Transform Your Home with HGTV's Color of the Year, Persimmon

image of persimmons

As the seasons change, the sight of persimmon trees becomes a visual feast, their leafless branches showcasing the striking beauty of the brightly colored fruits. Step into the world of interior design and elevate your living spaces with the vibrant and enchanting hue that's stealing the spotlight in 2024 – Persimmon.

What is Persimmon?

Sherwin Williams Color Swatch
Sherwin Williams Color Swatch

I love the color as it matches the dynamic Sedona landscape perfectly. While a persimmon itself is quite vibrant, the Sherwin-Williams version of the color is softer and perfect for design!


Chosen as HGTV's Color of the Year, this warm and sophisticated shade brings a touch of elegance and energy to any room. Let's explore creative ways to incorporate Persimmon into your home and create a space that radiates style and personality.


How Should I Use it in My Home?

Persimmon Accent Wall: Make a bold statement by choosing one wall in a room to feature the rich Persimmon hue. This creates a focal point that instantly draws the eye and adds warmth to the space. Consider the wall opposite the entry or behind a key piece of furniture for maximum impact without overwhelming a space.


image of chairs

Furniture and Upholstery: Introduce Persimmon through furniture pieces like sofas, accent chairs, or ottomans. This adds a sophisticated touch and can easily be complemented with neutral tones or metallic accents. Upholstering existing furniture or painting pieces allows you to infuse the color into your décor without breaking the bank.


image of lamp and pillow

Persimmon Accessories: For a subtle yet effective approach, incorporate Persimmon through accessories like throw pillows, rugs, or curtains. These accents can be easily swapped out, allowing you to experiment with the color without committing to a permanent change. Consider geometric patterns or textures to add depth and interest.


Persimmon in the Kitchen: Bring warmth to your kitchen by incorporating Persimmon in subtle ways. Consider adding Persimmon-hued dishware, kitchen towels, or small appliances. This not only infuses the space with energy but also provides a stylish contrast to neutral kitchen elements. And it’s budget-friendly!


Persimmon Art and Decor: Explore artwork and decor items featuring Persimmon tones. This could include paintings, sculptures, or decorative vases. These elements serve as conversation starters and tie the entire room together.


Persimmon in the Bedroom: Transform your bedroom into a cozy retreat by incorporating Persimmon into the bedding, throw blankets, or even a statement headboard. This color promotes a sense of intimacy and warmth, perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere.


Persimmon in Unexpected Spaces: Think outside the box and experiment with Persimmon in unexpected spaces, such as the entryway, hallway, laundry room or even the ceiling. The HGTV Dream Home used it in the garage! These unexpected pops of color can add an element of surprise and playfulness to your home.

The Takeaway


Embrace the allure of Persimmon and infuse your home with a sense of vibrancy and sophistication. Whether you choose to go big with accent walls or prefer subtle touches through accessories, HGTV's Color of the Year offers a myriad of possibilities to elevate your living spaces.


Check out HGTV’s 2024 Dream Home, and see how their designers highlight this beautiful color!



Content by Kelly Preschler Sedona Realtor®

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