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Thanksgiving Pie: I'm Living in Paradise!

image of pumpkin pie

Ever wondered which Thanksgiving pie steals the spotlight across America? Google's "most searched" pies spill the beans, offering a flavorful journey into the popular pie choices in every state!

Before I share Arizona’s shocking most searched pie (I'm not kidding!), I thought it would be fun to review the history of Thanksgiving pies.

Thanksgiving is synonymous with more than just a grand feast—it's a celebration steeped in the timeless tradition of pies, acting as a sweet heart of gratitude and indulgence woven into our holiday fabric. The journey of pies takes us back to ancient civilizations, where simple crusts crafted by the Egyptians and Greeks evolved into culinary masterpieces in the hands of the Romans, who introduced a variety of fillings.

image of Thanksgiving pies

The medieval era in Europe marked a transformative period for pies, turning them into vessels for both sweet and savory delights. As European settlers carried this tradition to the New World, pies adapted to showcase locally available ingredients. While pumpkin pie has become the iconic symbol of Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and Native Americans likely relished an assortment of savory pies during their inaugural feast.

The 19th century witnessed Thanksgiving's elevation to a national holiday, firmly establishing pies as a centerpiece of the celebratory meal. The advent of ready-made crusts and canned fillings made pie-making more accessible, contributing to the widespread tradition of baking pies for Thanksgiving. Around the modern table, each slice not only represents a culinary creation but serves as a continuation of a centuries-old tradition—a delicious thread seamlessly woven into the fabric of our celebrations.

And now it’s time to reveal the most-googled Thanksgiving pie in Arizona, and I think you will be surprised. Drumroll, please … Grape Pie! (I know, right?)

If you’d like to expand your Thanksgiving pie repertoire, check out the recipe here and have a joyous holiday!


Content by Kelly Preschler Sedona Realtor®

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