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It Was Bound to Happen! The Shuttle Story

Something had to give.

With the abundance of visitors that flock to our small town of 9600 residents, all wishing to enjoy the beauty of nature and of course enjoy the multitude of hikes, something had to give. Something had to happen!

Although we are grateful for tourists that love our beautiful area, residents have had to deal with congested roads, occasional inconsiderate parking in neighborhoods, and even double parking on one-lane roads, a definite case of Monkey see monkey do!

Social media’s grand reach even pushed the “unpopular” trails into the popular status and the already popular trails began to overflow. Something needed to happen for both residents and tourists alike to moderate the traffic leading to the trails.

So, the City of Sedona instituted a transit plan—and a successful one at that! The “FREE” shuttle system carries hikers to 4 of the most popular trails, Cathedral Rock, Soldier Pass, Dry Creek Vista, and Little Horse. A drop-off to the Mescal Trailhead was

added in June, greatly alleviating the congested and occasional inconsiderate parking at trailheads.

It’s simple! Park a car at a designated lot and the Shuttle picks hikers up throughout the day at several predetermined areas and trailheads to enjoy hiking without all of the hassle of parking and getting back to the trailhead itself.

Of course, with any new plan, there were the naysayers while others opted to give the shuttle a chance. Well, in the first several months of operation, the Shuttle served over 100,000 riders!!!

I’d call that a true win for our town. Let’s do a little math: If every car had 2 occupants and the shuttle had 100,000 riders, that amounted to potentially 50,000 cars that didn’t need to find a place to park in our small town and neighborhoods.

I applaud The Sedona Transit Advisory Committee! If you are considering a visit to our beautiful community, be prepared and be aware of our new transit option. The Red Rocks will be just as beautiful. The hiking will be just as spectacular. The only difference is that your special journey will just start a little differently—and ultimately, more simply.

And remember that Sedona is home to many who are stewards of the community. Tread lightly & leave no trace behind. We thank-YOU!!

Would you like to learn more? Check out all the details here:


Content by Kelly Preschler Sedona Realtor®

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