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When 'My Why' Comes to Life!

It's easy for me to get a little bit sentimental as one year ends and another begins. Luckily, it's also easy for me to generate excitement for all that is to come in 2023. I like to reflect on the past, appreciate the present moment, and prepare for the upcoming year with joy and optimism.

As I reminisced, I found myself reading through some of the 'Testimonials' on my website. This Word Cloud was created using the most commonly repeated words and phrases that were used to describe my efforts in a real estate transaction. One of my favorite words is "lovely" because it conveys my deep desire to be a person of grace, kindness, and integrity--which certainly sounds lovely to me!

"Can’t say enough about how pleased we were to have worked with Kelly in buying the home of our dreams in Sedona. Her quiet efficiency and flawless follow-through made the process quick, easy, and simple. Honest... trustworthy... reliable... and a lovely person." --Buyer Sedona

I'm so grateful for the wonderful clients (and now friends!) that I have been able to serve during very important times of their lives, sometimes during joyful moments and occasionally during moments of grief or heartache. It's an honor.

I'd love to be your Sedona Realtor. If you are considering a 'move' in 2023, give me a call. 928-821-1138


Content by Kelly Preschler Sedona Realtor®

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