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What's Next for Interest Rates?

Are Mortgage Interest Rates Going to Drop?

The recent pause in interest rate hikes has left many homeowners and potential homebuyers wondering when mortgage rates will finally start to come down. I can’t predict the future, but there are a few factors that could influence the direction of rates in the coming months.

Let's examine the factors that affect interest rates:

The Federal Reserve. The Fed is the primary driver of interest rates in the United States, and its decisions about whether to raise or lower rates have a significant impact on mortgage rates. The Fed has signaled that it may pause its rate-hiking campaign soon, which could lead to a decline in mortgage rates.

The economy. The state of the economy is another important factor that could influence mortgage rates. If the economy weakens, it could lead to lower interest rates as investors seek out safe havens for their money. However, if the economy remains strong, it could lead to higher interest rates as the Fed tries to keep inflation in check.

And Speaking of Inflation. Inflation is another key factor that influences mortgage rates. If inflation continues to rise, it could lead to higher interest rates as the Fed tries to combat rising prices. However, if inflation starts to fall, it could lead to lower interest rates.

When will interest rates drop? A few experts weigh in.

· Peter Idziak, senior associate at Polunsky Beitel Green: "If the Fed stops raising because the data shows the economy weakening and inflation coming down further, then I would expect mortgage rates to decrease during the second half of 2023."

· Mark Fleming, chief economist at First American Financial Corp: "Possibly in 2024, but it will depend on the Fed's decisions about raising rates in the second half of the year."

· Adam Sharif, founder and chief strategist of nxtCRE: "If rates go down, it will be next year and not by much. Today's interest rates are considered normal by historical measures."

In the meantime, homeowners and potential homebuyers should shop around for the best mortgage rates and work with a trusted real estate professional (me!) to guide them through the process. Call me today and we can chat about your real estate goals. 928-821-1138

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Content by Kelly Preschler Sedona Realtor®

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