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Let Me Tell You About Brenda. First, a Client. Now a Friend Forever

I’d like to tell you about my friend Brenda.

Before she became my friend she was my buyer. I loved her from the very beginning. Not only was she easy-going but her husband was a great guy too. They both had an artsy vibe which I loved because my husband and I have always participated in the artistic arena as master goldsmith and owning a fine jewelry store in town for 17 years. It was just another of the many connections we shared.

Sedona had been a dream of theirs for many years, in fact, she has passwords that were "Sedona," tattoos that said “Sedona” and she even had a cat named “Sedona!"

Retirement happened and they were ready to make their Sedona dream come true! They bought an Airstream with a big truck capable of towing and their new traveling partner, a Whippet puppy, was a part of the package. And off they went to find a new home.

I was thrilled when they chose their new Sedona home because they were going to be our neighbors and new friends!! It was a simple walk through the forest from my front door to hers! I kept my excitement to myself as they were making their decision. to purchase their home.

Brenda came as a referral from a Huntington Beach agent, which was ironically my hometown. We were neighbors there, too, but we just didn’t know it!

But life can be very strange and it was with great sadness and disbelief that once they got back to Huntington Beach to finish their packing her husband of 50 years passed

away. Their house in Huntington Beach was in escrow and their home here in Sedona

was in escrow. Although the sellers in Sedona would have let her out of her contract, it was not the same for the Huntington Beach escrow. (WOW, I know!)

Brenda bravely made the move to a new town knowing nobody but me--her Realtor and now attempting to be the best friend that I could be.

My husband and I took Brenda under our wing, helping her with whatever she

needed. We didn’t want her to feel alone, although we knew that she was sad and

lonely. I really enjoyed being there for her even when I really didn’t know how help. Sometimes we just sat in silence and it was enough for Brenda.

I showed her the town, shared the best sunset spots, the cool local restaurants, live music venues, parks, and wineries I even got her to join my book club and hang with my Sedona tribe. We’d meet at the pass down the road and we’d

walk down to the creek to enjoy the beginning of our days. There was an old bench

at the very end of the trail where we'd stop and play cards. It became our special


Yet Brenda always felt a little uneasy, as if she was living life without both feet on the ground. She wondered if she was living her best life and questioned if Sedona was where she'd stay. Although I knew that I would surely miss her if she moved, her family was in Tennessee and as she aged, her desire to be near them increased.

So Brenda became my Seller. Sad but true. I found it hard to rush the process because I didn't want her to feel that our friendship didn't matter to me. I was so sad!

When she invited me over to see that she’d packed some boxes, I had no idea

that the bedrooms would be filled! It was at that moment that I knew she had already moved out in her mind and heart. That came as a huge shift for me and now I was ready to help her get to where she felt the need to go.

She sold at a great time and got top dollar in the process. Her house was a custom, uniquely beautiful home in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright with a contemporary flair.

As Realtors we build all kinds of relationships and some become lasting friendships. Brenda lived in Sedona for 4 ½ years and in the process, became a lifetime sister to me. I always cherish our walks along the creek to our table, playing a couple hands of cards, our sunset glasses of wine and shots of tequila!

The memories will always be wrapped in an abundance of laughter and moments of silence. I’ve never been to Tennessee, but now I’ll need to go to see my friend Brenda Sue.


Content by Kelly Preschler Sedona Realtor®

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