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Home Sweet Home: Homeownership is the Smart Choice!

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Are you contemplating whether it's the right time to take the leap into homeownership? While current mortgage rates might appear daunting, let's explore two compelling reasons why it still could be an excellent time to become a homeowner.

Home Values Appreciate over Time

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The recent fluctuations in home prices have caused some confusion. Prices experienced a slight dip in late 2022, but this year, they've been appreciating at a more stable pace, which is encouraging news for the housing market. Although short-term price movements can be somewhat unpredictable, the long-term trend consistently shows that home values rise.

Drawing data from the Federal Reserve spanning the past six decades, it becomes apparent that home prices have displayed a steady upward trajectory. While there was an exception during the housing crash of 2008 that temporarily disrupted this trend, the overall movement points upwards.

Increasing home values make a strong case for buying instead of renting. As prices appreciate and you make mortgage payments, you're steadily building equity. Over time, this growing equity contributes to enhancing your net worth.

Rent Keeps Rising Year After Year

Another compelling reason to consider homeownership over renting is the perpetual increase in rent costs. If you've ever felt the pinch of annual rent hikes, you're certainly not alone. This is because rents have consistently risen over the past sixty years.

Opting to buy a home allows you to lock in your monthly housing expenses and bid farewell to the inconvenience of escalating rent payments. This stability can be a game-changer.

In essence, it boils down to this: your housing payments are an investment, and the choice is yours to make. Would you prefer to invest in yourself or your landlord?

By becoming a homeowner, you're investing in your future. Rent payments, on the other hand, are expenditures you won't see returned to you.

When you consider the enduring upward trajectory of home values and the chance to escape the perpetual rent hikes, homeownership emerges as a route to financial security. As Dr. Jessica Lautz, Deputy Chief Economist and VP of Research at the National Association of Realtors (NAR), puts it:

"If a homebuyer is financially stable, able to manage monthly mortgage costs, and can handle the associated household maintenance expenses, then it makes sense to purchase a home."

The Takeaway

In essence, purchasing a home offers more advantages than renting, even when mortgage rates are elevated. If you aim to avoid the ongoing increase in rents and capitalize on the long-term appreciation of home prices, reach out to discuss your options. Your path to homeownership awaits.


Content by Kelly Preschler Sedona Realtor®

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