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A Monsoon Swoon

Coming from Southern California, our weather was pretty predictable. When we moved to Sedona 30 years ago at the start of the monsoon season which typically lasts July-September. Of course, with Mother Nature, this can vary.

This new, semi-unpredictable weather was a welcome change for us. It added variety to our weather-related life. Who would always want to be vanilla? Not me! Give me some Neapolitan.

We had no monsoons 2 years in a row, which we called "Non-soon Season." Generally, Monsoon Season is when we get the majority of our rainfall which is so important to our desert home. And the animals need it too.

You've probably heard of the flash floods that can happen with the deluge that accompanies these storms. It’s an event that can be very dangerous! But you will be warned of an impending flash flood. So be careful!

Because of all the rock mountains and multiple washes, flooding is not uncommon. There's simply nowhere for the water to soak, so it flows down that rocky paths and washes. Even our creeks take on the Sedona red rock color.

As I made the big move to Sedona with my family these magical storms excited us all. We’d sit out on our deck (safely of course out of harm's way) enjoying our dinner and watching the lightning as I’d never seen in California. We listened to the rolling thunder, and marveled that we could actually hear the storm coming! Nature at its finest! I was in awe! And the rain! Wow. What an incredible sight (and sound!)

You always hear the adage that Arizona has a dry heat. And that's generally true. I have many clients who are so excited to buy a home here to have no humidity. Typically our desert climate is arid with low humidity, averaging around 16%. But that all changes during Monsoon Season. In June the humidity reaches 27% and rises to 32% in July and August. The increase in humidity is one of the most obvious signs that the

monsoons are upon us.

The cherry on the cupcake is the amazing skies that we get as the monsoons approach. And the stunning rainbows! After one storm, a rainbow formed and it was so bright. Every band of color was distinctly clear and I could actually see both ends of it! When you hear about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that’s exactly what it looks like.

We can often get double rainbows too. I stop everything I’m doing to take in the beauty. If I’m out, I’ll pull off to the side of the road. Of course I’m taking pictures, hoping to catch the moment in front of me. It’s a pause from everyday life that you won’t regret. It’s a sight that’s hard to describe. It simply takes your breath away and at that moment, you can feel so small as you take in the wonder of the earth.

You can definitely feel the joy and wonderment as a witness to Mother Nature's finest moments.

How could this not be my favorite season... ?


Content by Kelly Preschler Sedona Realtor®

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