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Is Now the “Sweet Spot” in the Market to Sell Your Sedona House?

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If you're contemplating whether it's the moment to sell your house, the short answer is yes. To understand why we may have entered the “sweet spot,” take a glance at the current housing market inventory, and you'll find two compelling reasons.


The market in Sedona is now a neutral market, which is ideal for both sellers and buyers!


Here’s a breakdown of how this benefits you when you sell in a neutral market:


More Options for Your Move: Are you thinking about selling because your current house is too big, too small, or because your needs have changed? If so, the year-over-year growth gives you more options for your home search. That means it may be less of a challenge to find what you’re looking for.


If you were holding off on selling because you were worried you weren’t going to find a home you like, this may be just the good news you needed. Let’s partner to explore options for your next home.


You Still Won’t Have As Much Competition When You Sell: But to put that into perspective, even though there are more homes for sale now, there still aren’t as many as there’d be in a normal year. Remember, the data from Calculated Risk shows that we’re down nearly 40% compared to 2019. And that large a deficit won’t be solved overnight. As a recent article from explains:


“. . . the number of homes for sale and new listing activity continues to improve compared to last year. However, the inventory of homes for sale still has a long journey back to pre-pandemic levels.”


For you, that means if we work together to prepare, price and market your home correctly, it should still get a lot of attention from eager buyers and could sell quickly.

The Takeaway


If you're a homeowner looking to sell, now might be the sweet spot. You'll have more options when buying your next home, and there's still not a ton of competition from other sellers. If you’re ready to move, let’s talk to get the ball rolling.


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Content by Kelly Preschler Sedona Realtor®

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