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Falling Leaves, Rising Profits

In a surprising turn of events, October has now overtaken June as the most popular month to tie the knot. However, it's not just brides and grooms who are setting their sights on the autumnal months. Fall has quietly emerged as a potentially fantastic season for homebuyers, and there are several compelling reasons behind this shift in the real estate landscape.

Less Competition, More Negotiation

Fall sees a decline in the competition for houses, making it somewhat of an off-season in the world of real estate. Yet, don't let that fool you, as there are great homes available. In fact, this season often brings fresh inventory and repositioned properties that didn't find buyers during the peak months. This puts homebuyers in a favorable position to negotiate. Consider making reasonable offers, followed by a bit of assertive haggling. Many sellers are eager to close deals before the holiday season, which could work to your advantage if you can commit before Thanksgiving or the school winter break.

Sellers Are Ready to Deal

Some sellers who initially listed their homes during the spring and summer months may have overestimated their property's worth. After months of minimal activity, these sellers are often more inclined to strike a deal. The willingness to lower prices becomes more apparent in the fall. Sellers who were unrealistic earlier in the year about price may now be more willing to reduce the price come fall. The prospect of selling sooner outweighs the wait for the next spring.

Serious Sellers on the Market

Not all homes listed in the fall are remnants of the summer rush. Some sellers genuinely need to sell during this season due to various reasons, such as job-related relocation or a completed construction project. This seriousness can translate into a greater willingness to negotiate and accept reasonable offers.

The Takeaway

The fall season isn't just about falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes; it's also a promising time to find your dream home. With less competition, motivated sellers, and tax advantages, it's no wonder that many homebuyers are now considering autumn as the ideal season to make their move in the real estate market.

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Content by Kelly Preschler Sedona Realtor®

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