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Eco Friendly Home--and Loving It!

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In celebration of Earth Day, let's delve into the growing trend of eco-friendly home features, particularly in our stunning desert home-- Sedona, Arizona. These features not only promote sustainability but also offer significant savings on utility bills.


Over the past six years, listings in Sedona mentioning eco-friendly terms like "energy efficient," "zero energy," "solar panels," and "EV charging" have been steadily increasing.


What's driving the interest in eco-friendly listings in Sedona?


According to Chief Economist Danielle Hale, it reflects the region's deep connection to nature and the environment. Home sellers in Sedona are recognizing the demand for eco-friendly features among buyers and are incorporating them into their properties accordingly.


Curious about the green home features gaining traction in Sedona?


Here are some noteworthy ones:

eco-friendly home car charger

Electric Vehicle Chargers: With Sedona's focus on sustainability and eco-conscious living, home listings often include terms like "EV charging" and "EV charger." This reflects the region's embrace of electric vehicles and the need for convenient home charging options.


Xeriscaping: Given Sedona's arid climate and emphasis on water conservation, xeriscaping has become increasingly popular as a landscaping solution. This environmentally friendly approach to landscaping minimizes water usage while enhancing the natural beauty of the desert landscape.


Tankless Water Heaters: In a region known for its hot, dry climate, tankless water heaters offer significant energy savings. Listings mentioning "tankless water heater" have increased, indicating Sedona homeowners' interest in efficient water heating solutions.

eco-friendly home solar panels

Solar Panels: With abundant sunshine year-round, Sedona is an ideal location for solar energy. Listings featuring "solar panels" have seen a notable uptick, reflecting the region's commitment to harnessing renewable energy sources.


The Takeaway

As Sedona continues to prioritize sustainability and eco-conscious living, we can expect to see more homes equipped with these eco-friendly features, further enhancing the region's reputation as a leader in environmental stewardship.


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